Interior dimensions identical to a Cessna 182

Dual controls

4-place intercom

2 headsets

The Simulator


Desk is large enough for student/instructor pre & post briefing

•Capable of modifying  weather conditions pre-flight or in flight

•Fail instruments and systems

•Flights can be recorded and replayed

Ground Reference Out-the-Window Display


•Rear projection system measuring 95" x 78"

•90o vertical and 110o wide field-of-view

•No other comparable flight training device provides this visual environment

•From S-Turns to Chandelles - basic and advanced maneuvers practiced to perfection

The formal name the FAA uses to identify this equipment is Advanced Training Device (ATD).  They are commonly referred to as simulators. 


The simulator used by Superior Aviation Training is made by FlyIt Corporation in Carlsbad, CA.


The benefits of using the simulator as a training tool are:


•The training standard in an airplane is “good enough”.  The training standard in a simulator is “Perfection.”


•What will take you two and one-half hours to learn in an airplane you will master in one hour in a simulator.


•In an airplane, your training will be limited to airports and airspace within a 30-mile range of your home field.  In a simulator, you will have access to over twenty thousand airports and will master the different airspace rules and procedures of those you train from.


•In an airplane, you cannot stop to evaluate your performance and execution of a particular maneuver.  In the simulator, the flight can be frozen, you and your instructor can discuss any issues, and then, the airplane can be moved backward 3, 10, 20 seconds or however far to give you an instant opportunity to correct nonconforming habits.


•In a simulator, you will experience adverse weather, all degrees of turbulence, engine failures during takeoff, landing, and in flight, instruments and systems failures, and cross-wind landings.  Just try to get an instructor to do this with you in an airplane!!!!


The advantage of the FlyIt simulator used by Superior Aviation Training is that the simulator is housed in an 18-foot long by 9-foot wide trailer.  Thus, when the door is closed, your training session will be free of interruptions and distractions.


The equipment list of the simulator includes:


Starter/Magneto key switch, Alternator switch and warning light,

Master switch, Boost pump switch, Pitot heat switch, Navigation light switch, Strobe light switch, Landing light switch, Rotating beacon switch, Cockpit lighting - flood light/chart light,

Avionics master switch, DME display, RMI/ADF single needle indicator, NAV 1 CDI with glide-slope, NAV 2 CDI, HSI,

Marker beacon lights, Dual needle RMI, Clock, Hour meter,

Tachometer, Manifold pressure, Fuel flow, Fuel quantity,

Fuel pressure, Fuel tank selector switch, Carburetor heat control,

Exhaust gas indicator, Oil temp, Oil pressure, Cylinder head temp,

Vacuum gauge, Airspeed indicator, Artificial horizon, Altimeter,

Radar altimeter, Turn & slip, DG, Vertical velocity, Landing gear control, Landing gear position lights, Flap control, Flap position indicator, Parking brake control, Cowl flap control, Magnetic compass, Mike and headphone jacks


Complete pilot and co-pilot controls are standard, including toe brakes

Control yoke is typical of all light, high performance, singles and twins

All controls perform like they do in a typical general aviation aircraft

Rudder pedals are hydraulic damped providing realistic feel and resistance.

Throttle, prop and mixture rotating levers


Virtually all VFR and IFR weather conditions are selectable: rain, winds (velocity and direction), cloud types change with altitude and time, visibility changes from 0-0 to CAVU,  fog, OAT can vary with altitude and position.

All cloud types can be selected. Turbulence severity can be selected at various altitudes

Superior Aviation Training


The entire world can be navigated with accurate terrain and obstruction elevations

Scenery and Navaids are provided for thousands of airports and en-route areas

Unlimited flight scenarios can be created by the instructor, saved and repeated until the student gets it perfect

24,000 airports with Jeppesen database

There is no limit to the length of flight that can be flown

If it’s on the chart, you can navigate it


•Daytime, nighttime, VFR, IFR - your training will match the flight conditions you will encounter


In short, if it is out there, you will first train for it in here


The entire airplane simulator and instructor desk is an 18' trailer creating a mini classroom

•A totally self-contained system

Insulated side walls, floor, roof and doors

Onboard RV-style heating and air-conditioning

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