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What distinguishes Superior Aviation Training from the 20th Century flight schools?


Here is the short answer stuff:


     ●Superior Aviation Training can qualify you for a Private Pilot Certificate in 45-hours versus the average of 70-hours.


     ●Superior Aviation Training can save as much as $2,600 for the cost of a Private Pilot Certificate


     ●Superior Aviation Training can train to the standard of perfection rather than the industry standard of “good enough.”


     ●Superior Aviation Training will teach you to be an aircraft commander, not just a pilot.


     ●Superior Aviation Training graduates confident, competent, SAFER pilots.


You want the long answer stuff?  Read on…………


FIRST, at Superior Aviation Training, we understand the difference between a safe aircraft operations and pilot skills and safer aircraft operations and pilot skills.  As you perform your flight planning and as you execute your pilotage skills, do you factor in the three most useless options available to a pilot?  You don’t?  A safer pilot does!


SECOND, at Superior Aviation Training, and this is where we break away from the pack, we know the difference between being an educator and being a lecturer. 


Lecturing is how aviation has been taught since the early days of the 20th Century and when primary training aircraft was the  Sopwith Camel.  Colleges and Universities are loaded with lecturers.  When you take a class from a lecturer  you hear a lot of words during the semester, but what do you actually learn?  This is because lecturers can talk about a subject but they do not necessarily possess the skills to teach the subject.


Teaching is the art of strategically transferring knowledge one possesses in their own brain into the brain of the learner in such a way that the learner does not merely understand what the information is and how to use it, but more importantly, they do not misunderstand what has been placed in their brain. 


At Superior Aviation Training, you will learn more than just being a pilot.  You will also be taught the skill to know how to think like an airplane.  Why is this important?  For the same reason that you want a dog to be able to obey you.  You have to understand how a dog thinks because it is impossible for a dog to think like a human. The same principle applies to an airplane and you will acquire this skill - a skill that will empower you to become  a confident, competent, SAFER pilot.


THIRD, Superior Aviation will train you using 21st Century tools and techniques. 


The first difference you will notice is that you will begin your training in an FAA approved Advanced Training Device, more commonly referred to as a simulator.


Why a simulator?  For the same reason the military, NASA, and the airlines test and train new pilots and perform recurrent training for their seasoned aviators.  A simulator is relentless, brutal, and without compassion.  It is well known that if you can safely fly a simulator, you can handle the real thing.  Sort of like if you can handle calculus, arithmetic is a breeze. 


You may be thinking to yourself, “But I want to fly an airplane.”  Our answer is “GREAT!!!”  However, by jumping into a cockpit, which is the worst classroom ever created, you can expect to spend at least one third of your time (and money) on the expense of a very steep learning curve. 


The FAA requires a minimum of 40 flight training hours to qualify for a Private Pilot Certificate.  According to FAA records, the zero-time aviation student will require 70 or more hours to acquire the skills necessary to safely command an aircraft.


At Superior Aviation Training, the average student will acquire the necessary Private Pilot skills in less than 50 hours.  Many achieve this level of competence closer to 40 hours than the 50.  Why is this possible?  In one hour of simulator time, you can learn what will take you about two and one half hours to learn in an airplane.  One example of this is learning to safely land an airplane.  The average student, using the airplane as the primary training device, will gain proficiency with the landing procedure in about five hours.


In the simulator, this same level of proficiency can be attained in less than one hour.


So, if you want an aviation education that is based upon the use of 21st Century technology, that will save you time, AND will save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, give us a call at:




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