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Programs and Costs

Combined Private Pilot / Instrument Rating Training

The Best Training Bargain In Aviation

Here are two aviation facts to consider:

             1) VFR only pilots (private pilot certificate only) are trained to be SAFE pilots.

             2) IFR pilots (instrument rated, that is) are SAFER pilots.



a few personal facts to consider:

             1) It will cost you between $15,000 to $20,000 to earn a Private Pilot Certificate




             2) It will cost you between $8,000 to $12,000 to earn an Instrument Pilot Rating


one last fact…..


             Under $20,000 is what you pay to get BOTH your Private Pilot Certificate and

             Instrument Rating with Superior Aviation Training’s combined program.


So, WELCOME TO 21st Century aviation training!!!!!!


You will learn the skills you need in our FAA approved Advanced Training Device (also know as a simulator) and then practice and perfect your skills in the airplane – just as NASA, the Navy, and the Air Force do with their pilots. The time spent in the simulator can be entered as flight time in your logbook.


Call us for the details.

















Text Box: ***These are estimates of known major costs.
Inquire about other potential costs.

For the student who wants to follow the traditional training program of earning each certificate and rating in a particular sequence of their preference, Superior Aviation Training offers the same 21st Century quality of training as well as the savings of time and money you cannot receive with the old fashioned 20th Century flight schools.


It is well known that the aviation student at a 20th Century flight school will require up to 70 hours of flight training to acquire the level of proficiency to receive a Private Pilot certificate.


At Superior Aviation Training, a 21 Century flight school, it is possible for the diligent student to attain the goal of a Private Pilot Certificate in much less time AND money.  


Here is how we do this:

     ●The primary training tool is an FAA approved Advanced Training Device (ATD)

     (aka – a simulator).  Up to twenty (20) hours of training will be spent in the simulator.


     ●When you start flying the airplane, you will already have the knowledge and skills

     required to safely control an airplane.  You will amaze yourself at how confident you

     feel and how quickly you can recall a particular skill and then apply it with assured

     competence.  At that moment you will know that you are going to be a SAFER pilot.


After you complete your Private Pilot training, you can immediately begin your Instrument Rating training, or relax – enjoy your accomplishment for awhile.  We’ll be here when you are ready to pursue additional aviation related aspirations.























Basic Training Programs

Private Pilot Certificate

***These are estimates of known major costs.

Inquire about other potential costs.

Instrument Rating

The Instrument Rating is often considered to be the most difficult rating to acquire.  This is because in the 20th Century, it probably was. 


However, with Superior Aviation Training’s 21st Century tools and skills, this rating will be no more difficult to learn than it is to learn how to drive a vehicle with a manual transmission when all you had ever driven before was an automatic transmission.  The only difference between them is that a manual transmission vehicle requires a bit more awareness of what the vehicle is asking of you.  You provide the skills and understanding of how to satisfy the request.  Not so difficult now, is it?




















***These are estimates of known major costs.

Inquire about other potential costs.

Advanced Training Programs

Commercial Pilot Certificate

Many students (and pilots) are of the impression that the only reason for earning a Commercial Pilot Certificate is if one has an interest in becoming a professional pilot and legally being compensated for their time and flying skills.


Whereas is it correct that the Commercial Pilot Certificate is the minimum certification one must possess to be considered for an employment position as a pilot, this is not the only reason for pursuing this Certificate.


Just as an instrument rated pilot is a more accomplished and better equipped pilot than is the private pilot, the piloting skills and aircraft maneuvers (a chandelle is not for the faint of heart!!!!) you must master are grueling and exacting.


Even if all you ever want to do with your airplane is chase the proverbial $100 hamburger, you will never regret the time you invested to acquire the skills and knowledge required for a commercial certificate.























































***These are estimates of known major costs.

Inquire about other potential costs.

***These are estimates of known major costs.

Inquire about other potential costs.

IFR Currency / Proficiency and Specialty Training

Instrument Currency / Proficiency

Specialty Training Programs

Are you about to time-out on your IFR currency/proficiency?  A bit unsure of the SIDS, STARS, or other procedures in your local area?  Want to prepare for an approach into an airport you have never been to before?


At Superior Aviation Training, our computer database contains over 24,000 published airports and all published reporting points/fix and airways.  We can have you shooting an approach into MIA summer thunder burst, and in 10-minutes, you’re looking for the runway at MSP during a snowstorm and 200-feet above decision height. 










***These are estimates of known major costs.

Inquire about other potential costs.

At Superior Aviation Training, we understand the importance of continuous education. 


We know that the environment that pilots operate in does not play nice.  If it isn’t the FAA that wants to ground you, you have to deal with a mechanical device that can become gravity friendly without your permission, or a weather system that can remind you of a bad past relationship.


However, we can provide you with training and safety programs that will prepare you for flights you anticipate or, reenact a flight experience that was less than pleasant, and increase understanding of how to recognize and respond to similar future events.


A partial list of our Specialty Training Programs include:


             ●High / Hot Airport Operations

                     Can you safely depart U55 in the middle of an August afternoon?

             ●Engine Failure Emergency – Single or Multi, VFR or IFR

                     When was the last time you polished your “engine failure on climb out” skills?

             ●Aircraft Electrical System Emergency Training

                     What will you do when the lights go out?

             ●Aircraft Systems Emergency Training

                     Are your partial panel skills as sharp as you assume?

             ●Non-Pilot Co-Pilot Skills

                     Train your flying companion basic piloting and navigation skills

             ●Upset Attitude Recovery Skills

                     Do you know what to do if your elevators suddenly become a rudder?

             ●Customized Training

                     You tell us what you want to learn, practice, experience, and we’ll build the program for you.


All our Specialty Training Programs are conducted in the simulator with an hourly rate of $160.00.  This price is inclusive of the simulator and the instructor. 



Multi-Engine Rating