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We are willing to bet the ranch that the reason you are visiting our website is because you are interested in aviation training.† Most likely you have looked in the Yellow Pages of the phonebook, and have talked with a friend or two about the training facilities in your area.†


Either the Yellow Pages did not provide you with enough information or you donít trust the opinion of your friends.† So you have continued your search which brings us together.


As you have discovered, aviation is not a cash friendly pursuit.† In fact, it is well known that the quickest way to make a million dollars in aviation is to begin with two million dollars!† So, what you want to find is an aviation training program that is as cash friendly as possible and compensates you with accelerated value in return for your investment.


May we offer a couple of questions for your consideration?


A) Does the flight school use the same training techniques, methods, and procedures that were established in the early 20th Century and have not changed much in almost 80 years?


B) Does the flight school utilize the advantage of the 21st Century and the same training methods, techniques, and equipment that is used by NASA to train their astronauts and the military for their leading edge aircraft?


If you find question B to be more appealing, at the risk of overkill,





To help you to understand the difference Superior Aviation Training offers, please review the following checklist to aid your evaluation and again, thank you for visiting.












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